Meet Michael

Born during the stunted month of February, Michael (aka St. Ratus) has been mistaken as a foreigner or illegal immigrant several times by the Australian Government, most likely due to his selective middle names and occasionally poor English. Rarely caught without his Macbook, this half of the wildly popular graveyard team filters through the events of each year, bringing only highest quality choice cuts to the show. He is not a fan of Bette Midler.




Meet Michael (but the other one this time)

The younger of the two, Michael (the one with the long name, as he is occasionally known) makes up the more grammatically correct half of this ‘primetime’ radio duo. Known to be relatively inept at times at operating the radio panel, Michael has on multiple occasions had his microphone switched off on both radio and television, prompting the audience to believe that he was Michael Stratus’ conscience. When he’s not convincing people that he does physically exist, he works on setting the music lists for each show. Complaints can be forwarded to Michael’s inbox – Michael Stratus’ inbox, that is – Michael is only his conscience, after all.



Meet Felix

When Felix and the two Michaels met twice in as many visits to the SYN studios, Michael & Michael simultaneously believed that there must be some higher power drawing them together, and thus Felix was forcibly co-opted into the producer role for ‘What Year Was That?’. One of the premier radio producers in the state, Felix has been known to fall asleep for lengthy periods during the broadcast, or simply not turn up. Though helpful and informative around the studio, he does tend to get a bit tetchy if you don’t like Twitter or Firefox.


Display Shot - TimMeet Grandpa

Named so due to the fact that Michael & Michael find it difficult at times to comprehend the universe’s existence before 1991, Grandpa provides the show with the mysterious and snappy voice-overs and segment openers. With a voice deeper than the fully sickest subwoofer, this critical fourth member of the so-called primetime family spends his time (or what little time he has left after demanding radio recording sessions) being a more talented guitarist and actor than his position on this programme would suggest.



Meet Number One Fan

Some say he predicted the meteoric rise through the ranks of community radio long before Michael & Michael knew the meaning of the word ‘dead air’, and that this character description is blatantly lifted from Top Gear.
All we know is, he’s the show’s Number One Fan, and any lawsuits should be sent to him.



The Michael & Michael Story

Michael & Michael are a pair of friends from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. They both attend the same university and barrack for football teams occupying some of the lowest spots on the ladder.

Michael & Michael were born during the great depression of 1991AD (Hawthorn won the flag that September). After a number of mostly uneventful years (there was a bloke named Mandela, this interweb thing and these ‘Friends’ on the television – you know, that sort of boring stuff), the two Michaels met each other at the local high school and became close friends, united over their common boredom during Year 10 IT class.

Their common interests in media and poor jokes brought the pair together again in 2008 in an attempt to break into the world of short film festivals. When it appeared that the name ‘Michael’ and the term ‘excellence’ had no business being in a sentence together, their short and otherwise greatly exaggerated foray into the entertainment industry appeared to be coming to a close.

However, in the summer of ’09 our heroes Michael & Michael found themselves at the same university and the combination of efficient on-campus catering and the greatly inefficient public transport system led them to hatch a crazy, far-fetched scheme to enter the entertainment world – a scheme so crazy, they pondered, that it just might work. That idea was radio; the station, SYN FM and thus a new chapter begins in the story of Michael & Michael.

And the rest, as they say, is a boring story history.

Michael & Michael


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