Michael & Michael – on their way to Media Domination

Welcome to Michael & Michael’s first ever attempt and taking over the media world – and radio show – ‘What Year Was That?’!

For those who don’t know, What Year Was That? is a genius, borderline magical blend of ridiculous comedy, irrelevant facts and all the hits from years past.

To put it somewhat more clearly, for each episode we choose a year to cover. We play all of the best music and pretend to be able to reminisce about all of the biggest events from that year, mashed in with a bit of topical ranting, then broadcast it all directly into your life with frequency 90.7FM.

So right now you may be thinking, ‘this seems pretty harmless – a couple of idiots broadcasting on community radio can ahrdly “take over the world”, right?’ – WRONG!

Not only do Michael & Michael appear on the trusty medium of community radio, but they now feature on a medium so new, so experimental, so futuristic that very few people know about it – but fear not, we shall let you in on this phenomenal secret.

Not only will Michael & Michael be bringing ‘What Year Was That?’ to radio, but in their bid to slowly take over the media world, will be making guest appearances on Channel 31’s breakfast programme ‘Get Cereal TV’ every Thursday! Sure, it’s a dodgy, extremely truncated and possibly awkward version of the ol’ reliable, tried-and-trusted, full-length version of the show – and we’d probably have make ourselves publicly presentable in some way, maybe even wash our hair – but hey, it’s a start.

So when, one day, you live in an age where you can’t change the channel on your ‘television’, adjust the station on your radio or log on to the interweb without seeing, hearing or… ‘interwebing’ with us, don’t say you weren’t sufficiently warned.

What Year Was That? – With Michael & Michael on SYN 90.7 FM

Broadcasting between 3pm and 4:30pm on every Monday from 28 September!
Find More Information On Show Dates

What Day Was That? – With Michael & Michael on Channel 31

‘An epic bastardisation of “What Year Was That?”‘

Broadcasting on ‘Cet Cereal TV’ with Bec & Andy on Thursdays between 7:30AM and 8:30AM!
Find More Information On Spot Dates

S01 Promo Poster V1


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